Why do we sell units without parking?

Calgary moving towards greener, transit oriented developments.

It’s reflecting a change in lifestyle where the younger Gen Y person is more likely to not own a car than any other previous generation.  It’s conducive to a healthier more active life.  It also make living more affordable, not only not paying for the stall itself, but the ongoing costs of car ownership.

Why is the front of INK pink?

The pink colour is a tribute to the late Mrs. Jaqueline Battistella and her leadership along with her husband Giovanni in establishing the company.  In 1986 they won a Governor Generals Award for an infill home they built.  The “pink” colour comes from the slash that is on that award.

How long does it take to build a concrete building?

Approximately 2 years.

Where does the name LIDO come from?

The Lido Cafe was also a long standing Calgary landmark running for 70+ years in the location of building. As a tribute we used the name and are revamping the original sign to adorn the LIDO’s front entrance.

It also has an Italian connection.  The island of Lido is very close to Venice and has amazing beaches.  Living in Lido is conducive to an adventurous life where more time is being spent on travelling and at the beach.

Do you use the same construction team?

Battistella construction manages every one of their own buildings.  This team,  led by Simon Battistella, works on one project at a time.  This single minded focus ensures the high quality of the work that we have been building in Calgary for 35 years.