The huge hole where INK will soon stand is finally starting to look like a parkade. All of the foundation footings have been poured and the interior walls are being completed around the perimeter.

The crane that was erected a month ago has been busy since day one. It is currently loading rebar on site and moving molds to create all the concrete structures.

Looking down you can see the support columns being built which will soon hold up the second level of parking. In the centre of the project, the elevator shaft is beginning to take shape. Can you picture yourself riding the elevator up to your new condo yet?

This month’s major milestone is currently in progress. The team is now pouring the first slab of concrete which will create the bottom floor in INK’s lowest parking level (P3)!

Everything is moving along on schedule at INK. Fingers crossed this early heat streak continues as we keep on keepin’ on!

Until next time.


Battistella Developments.