NUDE isn’t just a home; it’s an enabler; it’s a lifestyle; it’s a considered choice. 


NUDE is for the first-time buyers, the people sick of driving 2 hours a day to get to work, it’s for the downsizers. It’s for the people who no longer want their lives to be dictated by their house, their commute, or their landlord. 


 NUDE was born out of the desire to change people’s lives for the better. It was never intended to be the absolute focus of your life. Everything about it was designed to help you live the lifestyle that makes you happy.


The Beltline is your (no maintenance) back yard. Imagine having everything you’ll ever need within walking distance! Coffee, cocktails, every cuisine you can think of, groceries, parks, shops, bakeries, and more.  


Imagine being able to go home, let your dog out and get back to meet your friend at the Ship and Anchor within 30 minutes! How long would that take in the burbs, an hour? Let’s be honest; once your home, you’re not coming back into Downtown. 


Imagine going home and not feeling overwhelmed. Every inch of Nude has been designed with minimalism at the forefront. It finally allows you to get rid of the dust-covered crap, empty out the garage filled with stuff and organize your closet, which is half full of clothes you never wear. 


Imagine minimizing your mortgage and transportation costs. Life feels like it’s getting more and more expensive, leaving us with less inclination to spend time doing the things we love. When you downsize your home, you also downsize your costs allowing you to upsize your life. 


NUDE isn’t magic; it’s a condo building; it is, however, an enabler that supports a lifestyle that makes you happy.