About us

Building the urban mosaic

It’s 1980; enter Jacqueline and Giovanni Battistella. Yes, that multisyllabic Italian-sounding word is actually a last name, the last name of our company’s founders to be specific. Two passionate people who chose Canada, and Calgary, as their homes and then dedicated their lives to making it a better place for all to live.

As a credit to Jacqueline and Giovanni’s penchant for innovative, inner-city design, in 1986 their leadership in infill development was recognized with a Governor General of Canada Award.

Today, Battistella Developments remains a true family-run business with the next generation, Paul and Simon Battistella, expanding on their parents’ vision.

On any given day of the week there’s a good chance you’ll find Paul or Simon either in a hard hat or delving deep into blueprints. They’re hands on, not because they have to be, but because they believe taking personal ownership in the work they do creates lasting value for our customers.

The builders

From a dedicated customer service and sales team to hands-on day-to-day construction management and an in-house warranty service, we manage the entire process to ensure the best experience for our homeowners every step of the way.

Meet the team who are building better lives for our residents and our families every day.

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Buildings get finished. Communities don’t.

The day a building is completely sold is a great day, but it’s the not the end of our involvement by a long shot. As an organization we continue to enable community initiatives even decades after our buildings are finished. Sometimes that’s through donations, but also an opportunity to lend out one of our spaces, or good old fashioned sweat equity.

Are you a Battistella resident looking to steward a community initiative?