The Battistella crew is, without a doubt, an extension of the family, with each member of the current 12 person team having the same pride of ownership and dedication as the Battistella brothers.

We like to think of the team as small but mighty, like the A-Team.

Battistella Developments has gone beyond Paul and Simon, and it’s a privilege that numerous members of the team have been with Battistella for such a long time. Take the construction crew, for example. Mark, Battistella’s Site Superintendent, and Peter, Battistella’s Finishing & Warranty Manager, have worked hand in hand with Simon for nearly two decades! They move with every building and are directly involved with every aspect, from working with architects through to hand-off to customers and warranty.

Battistella Headquarters is more static and is where you’ll find Barb and Sheena. Barb is another Battistella veteran, although good luck finding out what year she started! They deal with the daily running of the company and try their hardest to keep track of Paul as he comes and goes between meetings.

The sales team, much like the construction crew, is fluid and moves with each project. Currently, you’ll find them at NUDE HQ. Chris, Stephanie, Renee, Catherine, and Faith are the part of the team who work directly with customers and homeowners; they’re in charge of marketing, sales (obvs), and customer service.

And of course, the latest edition to Battistella Developments is the rental division, which is run by Peter, Kristen, and Chris. We don’t just hit it and quit it; we own in our buildings. In fact, some of our team members are Battistella owners, and Giovanni still lives in PIXEL!

Without our A-Team, the legacy of Jacqueline and Giovanni Battistella wouldn’t exist, and Calgary’s skyline would look very different. We understand how lucky we are to have such a dedicated team, and we can’t wait to continue building with them.