Battistella / Beakerhead Collaboration at INK!At Battistella Developments, we have been HUGE fans of Beakerhead for years. Every September, they inspire the imaginations of an entire city and bring to life Calgary’s inner-city with the art from local and international artists.

When given the opportunity to work with an organization like this, we jumped at the chance!

We have commissioned Beakerhead’s first permanent artwork to live in the lobby of INK. True to Beakerhead form, this interactive art installation will bring life and light to INK’s lobby for all future residents to enjoy.


Titled as a nod to the innovation ecosystem taking root in Calgary, Homeforest, is a tree inspired smash-up of art, science, and engineering culminating in an interactive canopy of colour. The unlikely contrast between the organic and the structured and a subtle play on stereotypes in science and art is an intentional blurring of opposites. How very Beakerhead!

The Artists

This installation team is a combination of artists and scientists. From the Beakerhead Creative Council members Mary Anne Moser and Paul Magnuson to Calgary-based illustrator Mary Haasdyk, artist and engineer Jon Bichel, and a technical team, including Steve Boucher, Chad Shier and Kaylee Novakovski.


Beakerhead is a local charitable organization that inspires exuberant expressions of human ingenuity and brings people together with the delightfully bizarre combination of science, art, and engineering. Have you heard of Beakerhead’s five-day city-wide event that brings larger than life art and science projects to Calgary? If you didn’t make it last year, mark your calendar for September 19 – 23, 2018!

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