You haven’t made it until you’re trolled on Twitter. That’s something people say, right?


To clarify, that ‘idiot’ on the marketing team was everyone at Battistella, and we can tell you that the decision was not made lightly. We knew to name a building NUDE was risky, that it would open us up to criticism, complaints, and jokes about living in the nude. But we didn’t call the building ‘NUDE’ to be controversial; we’ve done controversial, and ‘NUDE’ has nothing to do with being naked.


We chose the name ‘NUDE’ because it resonates with everything the building represents. Everything about NUDE is a reflection of where we understand urban living to be going — less complex and more simple lives filled with less stuff and more experiences. 


NUDE is all about being an enabler. It is a neutral component that encourages the less complicated and more simplistic lifestyle that more and more people are gravitating toward.


NUDE is a brave choice. It’s that considered choice to emphasize happiness and experiences over material things, and square footage goes against what we’ve been conditioned to perceive success and happiness as.


NUDE is sophisticated and elegant. It’s minimal and timeless with Condos featuring exposed duct-work, polished concrete floors, smart storage solutions, and floor to ceiling windows, and the tone of the design works seamlessly with the lifestyle NUDE encourages.


We don’t think it’s a foolish name; we happen to love it. It was carefully selected to represent everything the building stands for. But hey, if you want to walk around in the nude in your NUDE condo, go ahead. You’re an adult!