The Battistella brothers, Paul and Simon, are committed to carrying on their parent’s legacy of building better lives in Calgary. 


Since the brothers were kids, Battistella Developments and its mission to build sustainable, innovative homes in inner-city Calgary, has been a significant part of their lives.

As they grew older, the brothers joined the family business full-time. Paul joined after receiving his Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Victoria. A few years later, Simon joined Paul after earning his Architectural and Building Development Technologist Diploma from SAIT.

Nowadays, the brothers work side by side as Managing Partners. Simon oversees all aspects of construction, and Paul keeps the business side of things in order; however, both of them are hands-on. Both brothers are 100% involved throughout the entire development cycle.

It’s how their parents Jacqueline and Giovanni did things, and it’s how the brothers continue to do things. In fact, during a build, you’ll find the brothers, in hard hats and steel-toed boots, on the construction site. You might even bump into Giovanni! It’s that ownership, pride, and intimate understanding of a project that helps make Battistella Buildings special. Alongside timeless designs and a dedicated team, of course.

Both Paul and Simon insist that they wouldn’t be able to carry on their family legacy without their team. Although small, the team is like an extension of the Battistella family. The pride of ownership extends to these dedicated individuals who share a common vision and values in the work that they do.

Building and revitalizing inner-city Calgary has always been important to the Battistella family. Much like Connaught Gardens that Jacqueline and Giovanni built in the 90s, the recent developments that the brothers have brought to life, continue to be innovative and timeless.

The ultimate reward for the Battistella family and their team remains the same as it was at the beginning. In a small but powerful manner, being able to improve the inner-city of Calgary.