Location, location, location. One of the most important factors when you’re choosing where to live, but how do you decide if a location is right for you? Especially if you’re looking for a lifestyle that includes more free time and less time commuting. Well, have you heard of Walk Score?


Walk Score is a tool that measures the walkability of any address, and it has us nerd-ing out. It analyses hundreds of routes to nearby amenities. Not only that, but it also measures access to public transport, and it measures whether a location is good for biking.


Interestingly, Calgary is ranked the 10th most walkable large city in Canada. It has a walk score of 48, a transit score of 50, and a bike score of 50. That basically means that overall, YYC is a car-dependent city…which doesn’t really come as much of a surprise.


HOWEVER, when we looked into the walkability of our latest building NUDE, we did a little happy dance. We build in inner-city Calgary because we believe in helping revitalise YYC. As others are sprawling out, we’re going up, and it may mean our condos are a little smaller, but you can’t beat having our great city as your back yard. 


NUDE is located in the West Beltline and has a walk score of 97, that’s more than double than that of YYC as a whole. It has a transit score of 73 and a bike score of 98. That means that NUDE is a ‘walker’s paradise’ (their words, not ours). It’s also a ‘biker’s paradise,’ and it’s classed as ‘excellent’ for public transport.


Now THAT’s a good location (location, location). 


To read more about NUDE’s walkability score, click here. But make sure you have some free time because we guarantee you’ll get carried away.